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Total Professeurs Associés, Sharing Industrial Experience With Young Talents

To create shared value with our host countries, the key lies in supporting local education and community development to help build the skills of future generations. This is demonstrated by sharing our unique expertise through Total Professeurs Associés, scholarships, and long-term partnerships such as the CUPB Summer School.

  • TPA professor exchanges ideas with China industry practitioners in CNOOC.
    TPA professor exchanges ideas with China industry practitioners in CNOOC.

A Bridge Connecting Company and Academic Institution

Total Professeurs Associés (TPA) is one of our most successful initiatives in bridging the gap between the energy industry and academic institutions. Consisting of a group of senior or retired professionals from Total, TPA has been active in providing intensive practical courses on topics covering many aspects of the energy industry, with no charge to the participants. This has made TPA a valuable industry platform for trust-building and information sharing of the latest developments. We have partnered with numerous top Chinese universities such as Tsinghua University, the South China University of Technology (SCUT), and the China University of Petroleum in Beijing (CUPB). Thus far, we have successfully delivered courses to over 16,300 students. 

Communication With Industrial Practitioners

In 2009, TPA offered its first course at the SCUT. Ten years later in 2019, SCUT held a celebration ceremony for its decade-long partnership with TPA, recognizing our important contribution to the advancement of safety education. In addition to lecturing at universities, TPA also has plans for enhancing exchanges and collaboration with Total’s Chinese industry partners. In October 2019, Total initiated its first open class designed for industry practitioners in association with China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and Oil Observer, sharing Total’s unique expertise in deep sea exploration and production.