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TOTAL EXCELLIUM, the fuel that cleans your engine km after km

TotalEnergies in China is committed to provide quality fuels that are offering better environmental performance. By eliminating deposits, TOTAL EXCELLIUM improves the engine efficiency and contributes to a reduction in polluting emissions (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons), which could provide car owners more comfortable, more environmentally friendly driving experience.

We put customers' benefits first with the strong support of R&D

If there’s noise from the engine and an increase in fuel consumption while driving, you should be aware that these symptoms may be caused by vehicle engine fouling. With the continually improving engine technologies, the latest generations of engines are becoming more sensitive to the occurrence of deposits. Fouling causes an accumulation of deposits that affects the main parts of the engine and alters its performance: increased consumption, higher emission or even power loss.

In order to solve these problems and provide a better driving experience to our customers, 20 researchers from the research center of the TotalEnergies Marketing & Services division: Solaize Research Centre (CReS),  worked together with engine specialists, tribologists (the science of friction) and car manufacturers for a new fuel formulations that enable TotalEnergies clients to consume better and less.

After several years of research, with more than 500 analysis in laboratory and over 300 hours testing on the engine testbed, TotalEnergies R&D team has succeeded in drawing up a fuel which could keep the engine clean: TOTAL EXCELLIUM.  It’s comprised of 6 molecules and has been enriched with detergents that clean and keep clean the main engine components.

Benefits of the cleaning effect

TOTAL EXCELLIUM prevents up to 93% 1 of fouling in gasoline engines and cleans up to 24% of existing build-up in gasoline engines. TOTAL EXCELLIUM makes your engine more efficient, more economical and less polluting 2 :

  • A clean engine lasts longer 2:By eliminating deposits, TOTAL EXCELLIUM enables your engine to maintain its performance 1. Its anti-corrosion technology protects your engine for an extended lifetime.
  • A clean engine uses less fuel 2:A fouled engine can increase your fuel consumption; this is why it is essential to keep it clean to maintain its efficiency. TOTAL EXCELLIUM contains detergents which make for a reduction in your fuel consumption.
  • A clean engine pollutes less2: By improving the running of your engine, TOTAL EXCELLIUM contributes to a reduction in polluting emissions (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons). The reduction in consumption directly results in a reduction in CO2 emissions 2.

Now, TOTAL EXCELLIUM is selling at the Beijing and Tianjin Total-Sinochem service stations as well as Wuhan Total service stations. Despite numerous challenges, TotalEnergies will insist on offering cleaner, safer, more efficient and more innovative energy.

1. TOTAL EXCELLIUM prevents up to 93% of fouling in gasoline engines and cleans up to 24% of existing build-up in gasoline engines, in comparison to non-specifically additive fuel. Tests conducted by an independent body.

2. By comparison with a fuel with no specific additive.