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Road safety: preventing children with an interactive program

Total believes that providing better energy to car owners is our professional commitment, but fostering a safer road culture is embedded as our social responsibility. For most years starting in 2001, the annual death toll from traffic accidents in China hovered around 100,000. Even though the death toll has decreased year by year, it is still generally 10 times more than that in the developed nations.

  • Total China Road Safety Training
    Total China Road Safety Training
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    Children were playing Monopoly on playard.
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    Children were so exciting after the training, They showed their gratitude to the trainers and willingness to join this training again
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    The teachers considered our project as an edutainment training with multi-interactive activities, which could inspire children's enthusiasm
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    The parents highly appraised our project, they said their kids even reminded them about safety after the training.

Education and training throughout China to young people

Traffic accidents are a major cause of injury and death among children, so building road safety culture among school children can highly reduce road accidents. Totally we have trained more than 7,400 students in 17 cities in China since we launched the program in 2010. In 2019 alone, we have organized 15 sessions in 8 cities and 1 rural school, around 1,800 students participated in our training which is highly appraised by schools and government.

The programs include interactive games and lectures about road safety and daily safety, aiming at changing their behavior and increase their awareness through games and tests. Our employees of subsidiaries from 11 cities are highly involved. In addition, we held defensive driving training sessions for our employees through Elf Lubricants Guangzhou.

A preventive and culture-building approach

Further, Total China has a comprehensive Road Safety Training kit including a teacher’s book, a student’s book, poster, and certificate, etc. In each of the sessions, a widely spread communication campaign, both online and offline is organized to build the safety culture to a more general public in China society.

Any school who is unavailable to conduct an onsite training could download the training textbooks and online videos by below links:

RST-textbook 5.05 MB

DIY card

Online videos

Please also download the teacher handbook for a better understanding:

RST-handbook 7.00 MB