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"TotalEnergies Service, TotalEnergies Trust"– TotalEnergies Customer Care

TotalEnergies is working together with Sinochem to build and operate retail networks. Total-Sinochem, one of our joint ventures, has proudly launched one-stop service stations boasting leading technologies and world-class standards and committed to providing comprehensive, quality services to customers.

TotalEnergies Service 

Based on values that set the standard and people-oriented principles, Sinochem and TotalEnergies set up two joint ventures in 2005: Total-Sinochem Fuels Co., Ltd. in northern China and Total Sinochem Oil Co., Ltd. in eastern China.

Total-Sinochem is dedicated to technical innovation to satisfy future energy demand and to providing regular, rigorous training to employees. Its unflagging pursuit of a balanced combination of both soft and hard skills sets the industry standard for service stations in China.

TotalEnergies Trust

Total-Sinochem service stations offer the ease and convenience of world-class technology. “It’s rare to see service stations as dedicated as Total-Sinochem's outlets. Employees are friendly and always clean my windshield without asking and check whether I need an oil change.” “I can always find what I need here and really like the environment. I’ve grown attached to it.” This is just some of the feedback from Total-Sinochem’s loyal customers.

Bigger Vision, More Actions

In its early days, Total-Sinochem introduced various state-of-the-art technologies, including two-phase oil/gas recycling technology, to China. This has taken the entire industry to the next level. With the constant expansion of the automotive industry and increasing needs of car users, Total-Sinochem is building on its successful track record and confidently expanding outlets to provide more premium services. The focus is not just filling up cars, but also boosting China’s retail segment.