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TotalEnergies Fleet Card, An Effective and Portable Solution to Manage Your Fleet

To better serve our local business customers, TotalEnergies designed an effective and convenient solution for all fleet managers to optimize the management process and lower the costs. Our Fleet Management Card offers a one-stop solution enables managers to fuel their fleets on smartphones at any time and any place. Are you still seeking for a perfect solution to fuel your fleet? Don't hesitate to leave us a message and get your card!

6 Reasons to Choose Total Fleet Card

  • An E-cards System instead of a solid card, which helps to improve efficiency, enable drivers and managers to operate on smartphones and enables real-time operations.

  • The Unified Fapiao System offers a quick and concise process of 4 working days to issue the special value-added tax  (VAT) fapiao.

  • The Security Control System allows managers to set restrictions (daily, weekly or monthly limits on consumption), real-time plate control and a real-time reminder on unusual records help to ensure financial security.

  • Transferring Cash Balance among the team members is available, which improves efficiency and flexibility.

  • Budget Control is easy to be carried out. Postpaid or prepaid offers* discounts and rebates in specific service stations available. The more fuel you use, the more money you save.

  • Web Portal optimizes operating management with flexible account’s architecture to fit your needs, unlimited member cards, real-time consumption record system and shared cash pool for all drivers.

* Remark: the volume-based rebate scheme subject to the financial assessment 


The card team is committed to providing dedicated and excellent services to our clients by responding to customer queries quickly, conclusively, and exhaustively. Before starting your journey, please fill below form and click submit, we will contact you for further information as soon as possible after receiving your message.

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