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20/04/2016 Press release

Innovation Leads to Victory, Total Products Designed for The Extreme Requirements of Motorsports

During Shanghai Grand Prix, which took place on April 15th -17th2016, Total – as partner of Renault Sport Formula 1 and Red Bull Formula One – guaranteed technical assistance and supplied the fuels and lubricants used by the Renault R.S.16 and the Red Bull RB12 racing cars.

Faced with the constant challenge of improving energy efficiency to comply with the new fuel limitations of 100 kg per Grand Prix, the engineers and technicians of Total rose to new levels of excellence by developing tailor-made fuels and lubricants. The Renault V6 engine is powered by a specially developed high octane fuel with excellent combustion stability. At full speed, an F1 engine runs at above 12,000 rpm and its temperature comes close to 1,000°C. That is why the lubricants supplied by Total combine low viscosity to reduce friction and thus consumption with anti-wear properties and high thermal stability. This helps to optimize the engine’s power output and its cooling for outstanding mechanical reliability.

The new hybrid technology has made it possible to maintain the performance of the present F1 engines at the same level as the previous V8 engines while reducing fuel consumption by 35%.

Technological excellence and high added value are the hallmark of the fuels and lubricants developed by Total for motorsports. These innovative products meet the need to boost performance while at the same time reducing fuel consumption for enhanced energy efficiency.

R&D in service of performance

Total’s F1 fuels and lubricants are the result of the joint research of the teams of the Solaize Research Center and the engineers of Total Additives and Special Fluids (ACS). An average of 8,600 lubricant analyses are performed in the course of a Formula 1 season. Ultimately, innovation leads to victory because the permanent improvements made in the fuels and lubricants have largely contributed to the list of Total’s F1 victories. “For years, the spirit of competition and the devotion of Total have helped to implement innovative solutions in Formula 1,” stated Christian Horner, Team Principal at Infiniti Red Bull Racing. For Total, this is an additional proof of the trust our partners place in us.

As the Group’s high tech and innovation laboratory, motor racing enables Total to leverage its experience for the development of consumer product ranges. 100 million euros are allocated for the development of fuels and lubricants that help motorists reduce their fuel consumption. The products destined for competition are developed by the same research teams that also develop our consumer products aimed at improving energy efficiency. They keep the engine cleaner, get more mileage out of a tank and consume less without any concessions in terms of performance.

Testimonial of the affiliate’s Managing Director: “Proximity to our customers in both the B2C and B2B segments are at the heart of the Total Group’s ambition. To achieve this goal, our Group is constantly developing new solutions to renew itself and support our customers. Our objective is to offer products that enable our customers to consume less and better. Our duty is need to anticipate our customers’ needs, and our strategy is to make massive investments in R&D in the constant improvement of fuels and lubricants for both motorsports and consumers. That way, Total’s expertise and innovation will benefit all our customers.”  asserted Patrice DEVEMY, Managing Director of the Total Lubricants China Co., Ltd affiliate.

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