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Yi Shu

Witnessing Total China Sustainable Development

As the General Manager of CNOOC1 Gas & Power Trading & Marketing Ltd., Yi Shu has been present for every step of the LNG cooperation between CNOOC and Total. As a world-leading LNG supplier, Total has strongly supported the fast growth of CNOOC in the gas market across its value chain and its market diversification.


Initial Cooperation

When CNOOC was contemplating its next move in the LNG business, one name that came up as a suitable supplier was Total, a global leader. The two companies embarked on their first collaboration, signing a 1-million-ton-per-year contract. Since then, Total has not only provided CNOOC* with LNG resources worldwide and end-to-end industrial support, but more importantly, forged a close and deep partnership.

Standing Side-by-Side

Since CNOOC and Total first teamed up, Total has provided free overseas support and training. Yi Shu sees Total as a reliable comrade, not just a business partner. In March 2014, the companies signed an MOU for a new long-term agreement to supply another 1 million tons of LNG a year. China’s President Xi Jinping attended the signing ceremony and proposed strengthening their end-to-end cooperation.

Working Together for a Brighter Future

Total is committed to eco-friendly oil and gas production, transportation and onshore water treatment. Yi Shu firmly believes that LNG is a clean and effective resource to improve the energy mix and tackle environmental pollution. Cooperation with Total introduces more sophisticated technology to China, enabling the two parties to explore and move ahead with sustainable development.


1. CNOOC:China National Offshore Oil Corp.,


"We can bring successful experiences to China and promote the sustainable development of energy through cooperation with Total."



2013 to present

President, CNOOC Gas & Power Trading & Marketing Ltd.



General Manager, Purchasing Department, CNOOC Gas & Power Trading & Marketing Ltd.



Joined CNOOC