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Wang Yifan

The Best Energy Is the Energy We Save

Wang Yifan, a production engineer in Total Tianjin Manufacturing, Co., Ltd., joined the Total family in the summer of 2014.


From campus ambassador to summer scholar

In 2013, Wang Yifan, a postgraduate of Beihang University, acted as a campus ambassador and participated in Total’s branding campaign of “The Journey of Harmony”. He worked with 17 other ambassadors from 6 top universities in Beijing to help Total foster energy saving culture and behavior among students and the mass public. Thanks to his outstanding performance during the campaign, Wang Yifan was selected to join the summer school program in Paris, which is Total’s HR career development program and aims to cultivate future employees for Total.  “During an 8-minute dialogue with senior management in Paris, I was surprised to see that the employees were talking about the company with such respect and passion”. The one-week experience excited him and made him finally decide to join Total in 2014.

Every detail counts for big energy saving

Right after he held the post of production engineer, Wang Yifan was assigned to join a production efficiency improvement project. With 12 other engineers from 4 different departments of Total Tianjin Lubricant Blending Plant, Wang Yifan and the team aimed to improve production efficiency of the 4L filling line. This is the first time for him to discover the scientific system and lean philosophy in a world-class manufacturing plant. In the first 2 months, his first assignment was to record every move of each product on the production line, which should be accurate to seconds, for the purpose of finding every detail for potential improvement room.  Jun Zhao, his line manager, pointed out his errors in the beginning and gave him constructive suggestions. “This kind of on-job-learning really benefited me a lot”, said Wang Yifan. With the effort of the whole team, in 4 months, 35 issues on the production line were identified and solved. Daily production output was increased by 28.4%.

Increasing efficiency is another way of providing better energy

Wang Yifan thinks there are 2 ways of providing better energy for the world: one is to develop new energy to meet increasing demands, and the other is to improve efficiency of the existing energy use. The latter is easier to realize in our daily life. Thus we need to build up the awareness of energy conservation and energy efficiency in our daily work. He said: “We always ignore the details which have caused unnecessary waste in our daily production. Small changes of our behavior or little improvement of the equipment can result in big savings. That’s what the project has taught us. And that’s also what the new slogan means in my daily work.”

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"Small changes of our behavior or little improvement of the equipment can result in big savings."

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Filling Supervisor of Guangzhou ELF Lubricant Co. Ltd



Production Engineer and Assistant Filling Supervisor of Total Tianjin Manufacture Co. Ltd



Beihang University, Institutes of Mechanical & Automation