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Jessica HU

Personal and Career Development

Jessica joined Total in China in 2006 with a handful of dreams, like many other young people. Starting her career as a junior manager, she had no idea that she would become what she is today; someone who plays an important role as the HR & Administration Manager at a prestigious company.


Challenges and Opportunities

Jessica had assumed that a French company would be relaxed and slower-paced. Just a few days at Total changed that idea, as she found herself immersed in an efficient, disciplined work environment. "As long as you are willing to give your best, there are limitless opportunities at Total." Her responsibilities ranged from coordinating human resources and managing important bidding projects to translating a bidding proposal and following up overseas work. 

Heritage and Development

Behind the scenes of Jessica’s fast track, François Issard, President of Total China E&P Ventures, has provided essential and substantial support and guidance spurring her personal growth. Mentoring is embedded in Total’s DNA, which puts people first. Seasoned managers willingly share invaluable know-how with the next generation. “Total always provides diversified opportunities, customizes training plans and offers world leading overseas training," says Jessica. "Local oil and gas companies are trying hard to catch up."


Since joined Total, Jessica has risen from a junior administrative manager to a mature, widely respected manager known as the “housekeeper" of Total E&P Services (China). Her career path at Total also parallels the company's recent remarkable growth in China. As a five-time winner of the Achievement Award, Jessica has a lot to share. “Companies have to help you become a better person if they want to bring better energy to the world.”


"Many small improvements add up to major innovations."

Short Resume


2010 to present

HR & Administration Manager



Administrative & Logistics Coordinator, Total E&P China Ventures