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20/11/2018 Press release

Total China Holds Ninth Scientific Forum in Beijing - Forum aims to boost digital technology development and fuel China's energy transformation

The Ninth Total China Scientific Forum opened in Beijing today under the theme "AI & Big Data Innovation for Energy Industry." This year’s forum focuses on the development of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, as well as innovative solutions by Internet and venture capital investment institutions. Serving as a platform for top Chinese research institutions to share research results, the forum also presents case studies of energy companies' applications of artificial intelligence and big data. More than 200 experts and guests from renowned universities, research institutions, government and industry associations, well-known enterprises and innovation companies attended the forum.

The forum invited senior experts in artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT from various universities, along with technology innovation, management, and application teams in the energy and chemical industries, corporate representatives focusing on and investing in technological innovation as well as Total’s senior executives and R&D team. Attendees discussed and reported on future trends in big data and artificial intelligence from the perspectives of fundamental research, technology applications, and solutions, as well as the energy sector.

Marie-Noëlle Semeria attended the forum. She said: "The energy industry is moving, so Total is on the move and invests in innovation keeping its ambition to be the responsible energy major. Total is a globally integrated energy company. R&D tackles the main challenges of the growing energy demand while integrating climate in the core of its strategy. Along with climate, digital is a driver of innovation, transforming the way to design, to develop and to operate, making our technologies and processes safer and more efficient. Total is an Industrial Big Data company. One of the latest cases is our partnership with Google on artificial intelligence and geosciences and our partnership with Tata Consulting Services on Refinery 4.0.”

 “China has entered a critical phase in its energy transformation. While pursuing energy restructuring and management improvement, energy technology innovation has also become an important factor driving successful energy transformation. The application of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data in the energy sector will help improve energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions,” William Zhao, Total China Country Chair, said at the opening ceremony, “China has become one of the most innovative and dynamic countries in the world. We hope this forum serves as a platform for the exchange and sharing of ideas, pushing forward the development of the energy industry and advancing China's energy transformation by fully integrating the experience and achievements in energy digitization research at home and abroad.”

Total has been closely following future trends in the energy industry and has made significant progress in establishing a foothold in artificial intelligence and big data. In April this year, Total partnered with Google Cloud to jointly develop artificial intelligence technology designed to provide new intelligent solutions for oil and gas exploration and development. Total has also cooperated with India’s Tata Consulting Services Limited (TCS) to establish a digital innovation center to jointly develop disruptive technologies and innovative solutions.

Inaugurated in 2009, the Total China Scientific Forum has been held for nine sessions so far. As an open and innovative international exchange platform, it invites domestic and international industry experts and representatives to exchange ideas and discuss technological innovation and cutting-edge topics in the energy sector, aiming to fuel China's energy industry as well as the development of related technologies.