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Monica MA

A Journey of Corporate Social Responsibility and Spiritual Purification

Monica works as a Communication Sponsorship & CSR Manager at Total Lubricants (China) Co. (TLC). On top of her responsibilities as a communication manager for TLC,  she took over the two-year CSR program of “Donating free lunch to impoverished children in Qinghai” in 2013, in charge of planning, preparation and implementation. In this program, she has discovered how a corporate citizen shows its responsibilities to the community, and also been deeply touched by the reward and feedback from the latter.


Charity Passed on Despites of Any Difficulties

In September 2013, TLC and its partner, Free Lunch For Children Foundation (FLF), visited Waxi Nationality Primary School in Dehenglong Village of Hualong County, Xining City, Qinghai Province, and announced to offer free lunches to more than 150 pupils of the school for two years.

To initiate the program, Monica made thorough investigation for selecting a partner with accountable reputation and proven experiences. FLF was finally selected since it demonstrated transparent and tracked funds usage system and disclosed it every month on its official website. From more than 70 schools listed by FLF, Monica’s team chose Waxi Nationality Primary School, where children lived in extremely underprivileged conditions.

Smile is the Best Payback

Waxi Nationality Primary School, a Tibetan school in nature, recruits students from nearby villages where residents mainly live on agriculture, with little economic income. Students spend an average of 5 hours every day on way between home and school due to bad traffic conditions in mountainous area. The school offers free tuition and accommodation to all students. Even so, the life is still hard for the local kids. Monica was deeply touched at the first sight of the students when she arrived at Waxi Nationality Primary School. From that moment, to help these impoverished students was not only a part of her work but also her faith and responsibility.

So far, the program has been carried out for nearly two years. TLC has donated totally more than 66,000 free lunches, 220 down jackets and 320 sets of tables and chairs to Waxi Nationality Primary School as well as other necessities. In addition, TLC has encouraged its business partners and distributors to jointly support the program by way of promotions. For instance, RMB 5 or RMB1 would be donated to impoverished schoolchildren for one bottle of 4L or 1L Quartz 9000 lubricant sold. These promotions received enthusiastic responses from dealers and consumers across the country.

Love is Spreading, With Commitment to Local Development

Now, with more and more employees participating in this activity, Monica has a new understanding of this program. She believes that, this CSR program is not only a company behavior, but also a good opportunity to engage employees and build corporate culture. Further contribution even extends to external partners. What’s more surprisingly, love is passed from donators to receivers, and even spreading among sponsors themselves.

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"This program demonstrates Total’s commitment to local development. But for me personally, it is rather like a journey of spiritual purification. We are embraced by affection and warmth from those lovely children"

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Digital & Growth Program Manager of Total (China) Investment Co., Ltd.



Communication & Digital Manager of Total Lubricants (China) Co., Ltd.


2015 –2016

Communication Sponsorship & CSR Manager of Total Lubricants (China) Co., Ltd.



Marketing Executive of Total Lubricants (China) Co., Ltd.