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A Female Engineer Impresses on the International Stage

Impressing with her outstanding records from the Sino-French Engineering School in Beihang University, an academic program supported by Total, Lin LIN was selected and joined the company in the spring of 2012. From China to Europe, from a process design engineer to an offshore installation engineer, Lin did not retreat, but filled up with confidence she faced the challenging roles and adapted to each new function. She believes that exploring and challenging an unknown world can usher in a more wonderful life.


An Energy Specialist Prepared on Campus

In 2009, Lin enrolled in the Beihang Sino-French Engineer program in Beijing (Ecole Centrale de Pékin), where Total China is one of the sponsors, and this experience gave her a first insight into real energy projects. Via exchanges with Total HR department, engineering classes and diverse operational internships within Total EP China throughout the academic program, Lin achieved an in-depth understanding of the company, and also a clear position and plan for herself in the career field. Her innate pioneering spirit has been fully encouraged in Total. After graduating, Lin joined Total headquarters in Paris, serving as a process design engineer, which opened up a door to a wider world.

Diversified Atmosphere Unleashes Infinite Potential

After two years of working in Paris, Lin had gained valuable knowledge and experience on her job, and was given the opportunity to work offshore. She appreciated the company’s trust in young engineers, which allows them to be sent to production sites. This field job gave her a deeper and more comprehensive knowledge of exploration and production activities. As the only female engineer on the platform North Alwyn, Lin was once in charge of carrying an infrared camera herself to troubleshoot the separator drainage pipeline. It is not fiction that she was woken in an emergency exercise, and even ran to the muster point when General Platform Alarms went off after midnight. Despite the hard work and challenging conditions at sea, Lin really enjoyed herself. To her, it was a pleasure to exchange ideas with colleagues from different countries and of different ages. Such exchanges inspired her and greatly benefited her, and also won her a profound friendship with colleagues on the platform. All the hard work paid off. With her involvement mainly being “The Complete Reinjection and Zero Discharge of Oil Production Effluent Achieved at Alwyn Platform”, North Alwyn Operations Team was honored with the annual Best Environmental Improvement Award of Total UK Branch in 2014. This made Lin appreciate the significance of field work, as well as making her proud of herself for the contribution to balancing energy development and environmental protection.

Company Demand is the Driving Force for Personal Development

Looking forward, Lin said that in Total, as long as you have motivation for development, the company will offer you an appropriate career path according to your profile and business needs, and you can get the opportunities to learn and try new positions. “Company’s needs remain the driving force and basis for my personal development. I hope that I can make more contributions to Total wherever it needs me most”, she said.

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“Total gave me the opportunity to explore and challenge an unknown world, and I hope to play a greater role in ushering in a more wonderful life."

Short Resume



Start-up team subsea field engineer within Laggan-Tormore Project of Total EP UK



Field engineer at North Alwyn Fields of Total EP UK



2014Process design engineer at Total Headquarter