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Jiachen SU

Forever Young in This Dynamic Energy World

9 years, 6 cities and 7 positions, her venture has started, and will continue in Total.


Seize The Opportunity

As one of the beneficiaries of Total E&P China scholarship to the program of Mastère Spécialisé organized by MINES ParisTech and Tsinghua University, she joined Total E&P in China as an intern in 2008. In no way could she have imagined at that time what rich professional experience she would go through 9 years, 6 cities, and 7 positions.

Jiachen caught up with a great opportunity when she joined Total at the beginning as the headquarter had just decided to set up an International Procurement Office in Shanghai aiming at cost reduction by encouraging sourcing and purchasing from Chinese oil and gas service industry. This was an unknown venture both for the company and for an individual because there was no mature mode to follow when it came to dealing with Chinese contractors and vendors. Taking advantage of this fresh start-up of a new area of business in China, She has gained a deep knowledge about Chinese oil and gas service providers and very practical skills to source and qualify them, especially the ones for offshore construction projects.

One opportunity brought another. Benefitting from the experience with offshore construction contractors, after three years in International Procurement Office, she joined Moho Nord FPU project of Total E&P Congo in South Korea then in Congo offshore, as an expatriate, which was interesting and challenging both in term of work and life. As for the profession, she worked firstly as interface coordinator, then integration engineer, and finally precommissioning lead offshore, along with the different development stages of the project. Beyond fully dedicated to her own scope of work, she also gained a broad view of how an offshore project management functioned from these diversified positions. Diversified culture was another significant charm working as an expatriate. She really enjoyed sharing with people from different countries, different background, and of course, different cultures. That dynamic atmosphere inspired her in varied ways: more open minded, willing to listen, and bravery to defend her own stand when necessary.

Finishing the Atlantic offshore platform life, once again she took a brand new position in a brand new environment: working for Call For Tender as secondee in South Sulige Operating Company. The difficulty of this job comes from the fact that this is a gas field development project between Total and PetroChina in which Total has only seconded personnel while the project is operated by PetroChina. She needs to adapt herself to the culture of a giant Chinese state owned company which is quite different from Total while bringing her insights for the benefits of this joint venture. Challenging as it is, she is ready to depart again.

Position Yourself

9 years’ experience in Total not only just provides her understanding and skills in several areas, but also immerses her in Total culture. For personal development, she really appreciates her former line managers’ help and guidance: they have been more like mentors than bosses. Total has a mature transfer system to allow people taking quite different positions in different countries to challenge themselves. But at the same time, people also need to stay self-motivated always, while having a clear view to better position themselves in the company’s business needs and finally complete their own career paths.

Lead The Change

“The energy world now is more complex and challenging than ever before: efficiency improvement, cost reduction, pollution prevention, emergence of renewables…, which is also the opportunity for everyone to be involved”, she says, “Total gave me chances to discover my own potentials in many areas, that also makes me realize personal development fitting into the demand of the company. I am willing to take more challenges and more responsibilities to be part of solution at anytime.”

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"The energy world now is more complex and challenging than ever before: efficiency improvement, cost reduction, pollution prevention, emergence of renewables… which is also the opportunity for everyone to be involved"

Short Resume



Senior Procurement Engineer, Total E&P Chine, Secondee in SSOC



Hull/Topsides Coordinator, Integration Engineer, Precommissioning Engineer, South Korea; Precommissioning Lead, Offshore Congo, Moho Nord FPU Project, Total E&P Congo




Sourcing and Procurement Engineer and then Quality Engineer, TEPSC IPO



Intern and then Industry Benchmarking Analyst, Total E&P Ventures, Beijing