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02/12/2017 News

Total Road Safety Training Camp Conveying Safety Philosophy Perpetually

With China’s Traffic Safety Day around the corner, Total Road Safety Training (RST) Camp, today entered Beijing Chongwen Primary School with the theme of “You and Me, Safe on Road”, which is the final session of Total RST activities in 2017.

Beijing Chongwen Primary School locates alongside the East 2nd Ring road, with complex surrounding traffic environment. The students are exposed to busy road traffic every day. Therefore, it’s vital to educate them road safety knowledge and accident prevention skills. Bearing these in mind, the training focused on recognition of surrounding traffic environment and basic skills of road safety, aiming to improve the students’ safety awareness.

The training camp integrates the safety knowledge into games and activities. First of all, children were invited to share their “safety moment”, telling their stories of safe travel. Through series of lively and interesting practice sections, such as “Richman on Safety Knowledge” and “Color Filling of Safety Seat”, the children were taught how to face and deal with the potential risks in campus and social life, as well as how to protect themselves and help others. The teachers and students gave highly praise for this innovative form of training activities.

Bertrand de La Noue, General Representative of Total in China expressed, “As a responsible international energy group, Total always embraces the core value of safety. We hope to convey the traffic safety knowledge and safety culture to campus through Total RST Camp, helping children to grow up healthily and safely.”

In 2017, Total RST Camp has also adopted online education, in addition to further optimizing the activities. An online education platform was built up with teaching books, student textbooks, safety posts and certificates available for free download. Two cartoon videos, tailor-made with interesting road safety stories, were also online for children readers.

Total has carried out the RST camp in China for seven years since 2010. To date, the activities have been organized in 17 cities incl. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo ect., covering over 11,000 students. We also promoted our RST camp on Tecent’s Good Connoisseur CSR platform, which attracted more than 900,000 WeChat users merely in two months, contributing a total steps of 11.92 billion as a form of donation.

2017 Total RST Camp has been a success. However, as an excellent enterprise which roots the responsibility in corporate culture, Total still looks forward to working with all sectors of society in the future, permanently transferring safety by a long-term and lasting manner and concept.