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17/01/2017 Press release

Total Introduces TOTAL EXCELLIUM Fuels in China

January 17th, 2017, Wuhan- Total today launches TOTAL EXCELLIUM fuels, a new line of specific fuels that clean engines and provide long lasting protection to ensure better performance of the engine. This new fuel is now available in all Total sites located in Wuhan city.

As well known, a clean engine uses less fuel, pollutes less and lasts longer (1). While day after day, engines can continuously foul and their performances are limited due to the accumulation of fouling affecting sensitive parts. TOTAL EXCELLIUM fuels have been enriched with detergents which can clean and keep cleaning the essential engine components, such as inlet valves. By comparison with a fuel with no specific additive, TOTAL EXCELLIUM prevents up to 93% (2) fouling in petrol engines. By eliminating deposits on fuel injection systems, TOTAL EXCELLIUM fuels keep engines performing at their optimum level all the time.

“The TOTAL EXCELLIUM fuels combine the best of TOTAL’s technological know-how and is one of our eco-efficient solutions to promote responsible energy use.” said LIANG Ting-Wee, President of Total Marketing & Services China,  “The launch of TOTAL EXCELLIUM gasoline in China will  help our customers have access to a product that is high performance and yet more environmentally friendly. Excellium helps engines stay cleaner, while at the same time, reduce emissions of pollutants and CO2 - a product that is fully in line with Total’s commitment to better energy.”

TOTAL EXCELIUM is one of the most innovative fuels, incorporated with our High Performance French fuel additives.  The additives are produced in France and directly imported from France to China.  It is compatible with the most recent engine technologies as well as with the oldest ones. Since its first launch in France, TOTAL EXCELLIUM is currently available in 30 different countries worldwide.