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07/09/2015 News

2015 China Silk Road Rally Officially Starts In Xi’An, TOTAL and Peugeot Extends the 20 Years Cooperation Legend In China

August 29th, 2015 (Beijing). The third year of China Silk Road Rally launched the departure ceremony in Xi’An on 29th August, 2015. With the sponsor of TOTAL and Peugeot, the Peugeot-Total Team started its glorious journey. At the night of 29th August, Peugeot and Total Lubricants China held a fantastic cocktail party to celebrate the cooperation between Peugeot and TOTAL. All major media were invited to attend the party and cheer for the team.

Since its establishment in 2013, China Silk Road Rally has gradually developed into the longest with the most coverage and the most difficult rally race in China. It started from Xi’An, one of the oldest cities in China on 29th August and ends up in Dunhuang on 11th September, 2015. During the 14 days competition, all teams would run across the desert and the great plain, gallop on the vast land with the most unique regional aroma, and enjoy the beautiful desert scenery. All of these reflect the essence of rally---adamancy and beauty after hardships.

With 65 cars and 12 motorcycles to participate this race, the Peugeot-Total team has sent two great teams: the “Mr.Dakar” - Stephane Peterhansel, accompanied by Jean-Paul Cottret; “The Chevalier of France” - Cyril Despres and his navigator David Castera. It will be proved to be a high expectation for the participation of Stephane Peterhansel, the 11th championship of Dakar for 2015 race from the motorsport fans.

Eric REVERBERI, Rally & Endurance Manager, Division Sponsoring & Compétition of Total Marketing and Service said: “TOTAL and Peugeot have been actively participating in the world’s top motor sports, including World Endurance Championship (WEC), World Rally Championship (WRC), World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), etc. In 2015, TOTAL and Peugeot have extended their cooperation to get new success in motor sports and promote the flourishing development of Chinese motor sports. "

Patrice DEVEMY, Managing Director of Total Lubricants China mentioned that: “It is our great honor to attend the China Silk Road Rally with Peugeot this year. In this journey, long and difficult, I believe the Peugeot-Total team will tackle all the difficulties and demonstrate their performance summarized under claim 'Keep Your Engine Younger for Longer'. ”

Mathieu VENNIN, Deputy Director of DPAD, “During the 2015 China Silk Road Rally, from Xi’An to Dunhuang, with the support of Peugeot and TOTAL, the Peugeot-Total Team can prove its strong performance by the 2008 DKR racing car to improve and promote the motorsports culture around China. We believe the team will exert their great effort in the race by the leading of Stephane Peterhansel and Cyril Despres with outstanding performance.”

2015 China Grand Rally has officially started on 29th August. All the teams are doomed to show extraordinary talents in 2015 China Silk Road Rally and provide an incomparable visual feast for Chinese motorsports fans. With the 20th anniversary of the cooperation between TOTAL and Peugeot, let us cheer for the Peugeot-Total team to create a legend in this ancient Silk Road with the full support from TOTAL.